About Us


VPS was borne out of the drastic need for stable power supply in Nigeria and Africa as a whole.

There is no doubt that power is the engine that drives industrialization and improves the economy of every nation, through the provision of better services in areas like healthcare, education, communication, job creation, youth development etc.

With this knowledge, VPS Energy Solutions Limited was established by like-minded professionals to provide reliable, cost-effective and environmentally friendly power solutions in Nigeria. The company is registered under the Corporate Affairs Commission of Nigeria with RC No 1271462 and is also incorporated in USA under the State Corporate Commission of Virginia.

VPS Energy is managed by a team of highly dedicated and competent Engineers working together to achieve our corporate objective.

Our objective is to provide power solutions through alternative and cost-effective energy sources, mainly SOLAR.

We provide Engineering, Procurement and Construction services for solar and other power systems. We also carry out consulting services and feasibility studies for power projects. Our technical support is highly efficient and reliable.

Our clients span from households to business owners, telecoms, banks, communities, large scale power users, developers and utility providers that are in need of electricity or power services.

Making the world a better place starts with power and this is where our footprints begin…